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Ziplining in Maui

While we were in Maui, we were able to zipline at an awesome place. Here is my review of our experience!

Hi everyone! So happy that the weather is getting nicer and can get out more. We love our daily walks around Minneapolis! Also, big news, I am getting vaccinated tonight!!! I am so happy!! Hopefully, this means we can start traveling more again 😊 Back in December of 2019, we went to Maui and went ziplining at Jungle Zipline Maui. It was really an awesome experience and the place was perfect! Here is a little more about it all!

Location & Price

The location is PERFECT! It is on the Road to Hana so you can make a pit stop on your trip for some thrilling fun! (check out my blog about The Road to Hana here!) I also loved that the location is a jungle setting and is an eco-tour! It seemed like the most Maui thing ever and the views were spectacular! They also have native Hawaiian plants and traditional farming right on the property as well. The pricing is reasonable, and you can find up to date rates here!

The Company

Jungle Zipline Maui seemed like an amazing company. They really cared about their customers and I could tell they really cared about their employees too. It seemed like the employees loved their jobs and treated us all so well. They really had a passion for their jobs, and they made sure to keep everyone safe. Click here to see their safety protocols on their website. Jungle Zipline Maui is also rated the number one activity on trip advisor to do in Haiku, Maui.

Our Experience

As you can probably tell from the information above, we absolutely loved the zipline adventure we did at Jungle Zipline Maui. I had never been ziplining before this, but I do not know if anything can compare to our experience here. It was so surreal to be ziplining right in the heart of Maui and soaring through a jungle of trees and over ponds of water, will be something I never forget. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so glad we did it!

We went on 8 ziplines through the jungle and each were unique in their own way. Some were really fast, and some were really long (there was one spanning 85-feet!). Also, on the tour, you can do a quick jump free fall ride if you want. Check out my video below, it was pretty fun, but my stomach did drop! Lastly, they provide you water throughout and granola bars halfway through. Lastly, the two guides we had were exceptional! They knew everyone’s names by the second zipline and made the experience even better for us.

Maui has so much beauty to offer and Jungle Zipline Maui encompasses so much of that beauty! I highly recommend making this stop if you are taking the long trek on the Road to Hana. It is the perfect 2-hour pitstop. It was something I will always remember and was just so fun to experience. 😊

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