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What Exercise And Getting Outside Means To Me

I have always loved to get outside. Either for walking or for a fun adventure. Here is what exercise mean to me. :)

Hi hi! Welcome back :) And happy April! Last month I was really lucky to partner with an awesome brand in Merrell. They are a outdoor company that sells shoes and clothes for the perfect adventure. National Walking Day is April 7, and they are daring people to step further this Spring and get outside! It really got me thinking... What does getting out and walking means to me?

My Back Story

Growing up, my parents were always so good getting us outside to get exercise. From shooting baskets, to going for walks, to throwing the baseball around, it was all so fun. I think this was so important for us too growing up to not be behind technology and tv all day. And these were some of my best memories growing up and I hope to do the same for my kids someday!

Because of getting outside all the time, I grew into loving sports. I always loved to be outside, even in my high school days. I could shoot baskets in our drive way for hours! In college, after my basketball career was over, I did three half marathons. This was a great way for me to set goals and get to see so much outside! I also really began to love rollerblading as a form of exercise in college. I was able to get out with friends and go exploring. I still love to take them out by myself! :)

What Exercise Looks Like To Me Now

I have to be honest, I do not exercise to the extent I use to, and during the long winter months that just past, it was hard for me to find the motivation to do it. I love getting outside instead of working out inside, and that is hard to do in cold Minnesota winters! But any chance we got, we still would get out and walk. Walking has became my major form of exercise. Either a daily walk on our route through Minneapolis or on a hike on a warm day, I love the feeling after a great walk. I love the memories that it holds and walking really does mean so much to me.

What Walking Means To Me

Now that you know my back story, what does walking and getting mean to me now?

1. A World Of Endless Possibilities - I feel when I can get out walking and adventuring, the world has so much to offer!

2. Time With Loved Ones (Or Time For Myself!) - These are some of my best memories both growing up and now with Vince. Getting out and walking is where we have some of our best conversations! If it is just me, it gives me so much time to think :)

3. A Major Form Of Stress Relief - This has hit home extra hard during this past year. I have had a lot of stress over my family staying healthy and walking just always has helped. It really is a great form of stress relief!

4. A Privilege That I Cannot Take for Granted - This really stood out to me when thinking about what walking meant to me. I am so fortunate to be able to go for a walk everyday on my two legs. And I can never forget how lucky I am to be able to do that!

Something Fun And Creative To Do Outside

So, this was honestly so fun for me to do these past couple weeks. Merrell is working with people to create "route art". If you have never heard of this, it is when you use your GPS during a form of outside exercise to create art. I have a couple examples of the ones we created below. So the first one is the state of Minnesota and the second is a snow plow!(Please don't judge :D)

If you create any route art, feel free to share it with me on Instagram and I will show it on my story! (@jetlaggedjenna)

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