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Tips To Travel Sustainably

I love to travel. But what comes along with it, is responsibility to give back to our beautiful Earth that I love to explore. With the help of some friends, here are some ways to do that!

Happy Earth Day!! This is an extra special day for me because it is also MY BIRTHDAY! I have always loved that I was born on Earth Day, because 1) I love to travel and see the beauty this wonderful planet has to offer us and 2) I love to find ways to help keep the Earth clean (even it it is in small ways). I love the awareness around this day, and I came up with the idea for this blog just last weekend. I wanted to collaborate with a few of my closest friends on Instagram and get a tip from each of them on ways they travel sustainably. Make sure you check out their blogs and Instagram's as well! :)

Tip From Me!

Lately, I have been trying to figure out ways to pack for sustainable travel. There are so many great things to do, and one thing I bought are these reusable bottles that I can fill up with my shampoo, soaps, lotions, etc. These replaced me buying one-use plastic bottles for each trip. They are so easy to use and helps cut back a little on the amount of plastic I use!

Tip From @Lifeofsus

Check out her blog post about Carbon offsets here!

Carbon offsets are a way to monetarily negate the effects of your individual carbon footprint. Everything we do, from breathing to cooking to traveling, produces carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which is contributing to the acceleration of Earth's warming. As the Earth heats up, natural ecosystems are becoming disrupted and irrevocably altered. Human society is already seeing the negative effects from this warming in the form of mass extinctions, depleting fish populations, and changing weather patterns. A major source of carbon dioxide emissions comes from travel, specifically air travel. In response, many airlines have started to offer carbon offset programs where you can pay an additional fee to make your trip "carbon neutral". That money is put towards sustainability programs, usually to renewable energy research or carbon sequestration projects. There are also third party companies that offer these programs, my favorite being TerraCycle. It's important to remember that carbon offsets are not a long-term solution to our environmental issue, but rather a way to invest in sustainability's future.

Tip From @CaitKontalis

Check out her blog here!

Walking or biking when exploring cities is not only a better way to see a place, but it help protects the city from over tourism. In places like Amsterdam, downtown has become overcrowded by tour busses, private vehicles and Ubers. Choosing to walk or bike will give you both a better view of the city and protect the space from the wear and tear of over tourism.

Tip From @Siestaandsangria

Check out her blog here!

I try to limit the single-use plastic that I use in my daily life, as well as when I travel. Two things that I always bring with me on trips are a reusable water bottle and a shopping bag. Both come in handy very often when traveling. Although my water bottle has to be empty through security in an airport, I always look for a water fountain so that I can fill it up after. My reusable bag helps me save countless plastic or paper bags during a trip, whether I'm running errands or going shopping for clothing. These are so easy to bring along and help me travel more sustainably!

Tip From @Drshahtravels

When I go to hotels and renting houses for my trips I try to reuse my towels and not ask for room service until I absolutely need them. This is not only likely safer during COVID, but also is so much more environmentally friendly by saving water for the loads of laundry. Such an easy thing to do by just hanging up your towels again :)

Tip From @Carrrissac

Check out her blog here!

My boyfriend and I are headed to the Florida Panhandle on trip soon and we are excited! After reading various articles, we learned that the way to get around up there is done best by just walking or biking between communities. We were happy to see this as we will be actively working to reduce the carbon footprint by not having to drive around! In short, my tip for you: walk, bike, or public transport (if necessary) as this not only saves you gas, but cuts down on emissions!

Tip From @Expeditionkristen

Check out her blog here!

To help reduce waste, I use reusable water bottles when I travel. I don’t remember the last time I purchased a plastic disposable water bottle. When we go out for long hikes or weekend getaways, our car is full of reusable water bottles for my husband and I, and a huge water jug if our big Newfie is coming with us. It’s just one simple way we try to minimize our impact on the planet.

Tip From @Herstoryawaits

I believe the best way to experience a new place sustainably and genuinely is supporting local goods, especially through food. The food that you may find at a stall or farmers market is usually cheaper with fresher quality. I also love that you have an opportunity to meet the locals, immerse in their culture and learn more about their everyday life (not the advertised highlight we are fed). Head to a local market and support the hard working farmers and small businesses!

Tip From @Litaofthepack_

Check out her blog here!

One thing I try to do when traveling around a new destination is explore in a sustainable way. So if I’m in a city, I love to either walk around, rent a bike, or use public transit. Most cities even have free walking tours where you can learn history and sightsee. Another great option is to carpool or ride share. Many places around the globe have apps including Uber where you can share rides with others. Public transportation and carpooling are a great way to reduce your impact on the environment!

Tip From @Manuexplores

I always bring with me three things: my collapsible travel cup, my reusable stainless steel straws and my portable cutlery. This is for me the best way to avoid getting the plastic ones when I have to eat out. They are super light to carry, easy to clean and now with so many Covid issues a very good way to have additional security measures to protect me.

Tip From @travel._.more

Sustainable Travel and Sustainable Living have become buzzwords these days and it's not without reason. It is crucial for each and every human to be aware of their actions' direct, indirect and induced impact on the environment, economy, and social fabric of a place. Travel smartly, leave no trace and harm no beings is my mantra. I'm getting better at making changes in the way I travel as well as live by giving myself goals and taking small baby steps to achieve them. Some quick ideas from my playbook are listed here:

Easy Travel Changes: - Use Reusable water bottles and glass juice bottles - Use reusable utensils (bamboo plates, bamboo forks/spoons, metal straws) - Carry biodegradable trash bags and clean after yourself - Try local cuisine from local restaurants, or if you like to cook on vacation, then support local grocery stores

Bonus tips: - Switch toilet paper with bidets - Switch paper cleaning towels (paper tissues) with washable microfiber cloths - These tips are tried and tested to be easy to transition into.

Give them a go and message me on @travel._.more to chat more!


These are just a few ways that you can work to travel sustainable! There are so many other ways out there that you can help be a sustainable traveler as well. I have attached a few references here and here if you want to learn more! Even just adding a few of these things into your travels, can help make an impact!! Happy Earth Day!

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