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The Golden Gate Bridge

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

San Francisco will forever have a special place in my heart, and much is thanks to the beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Happy Thursday and blog post day! :) This week was month end for work, and as an Accountant that sure can be busy! But, now It should be smooth sailing into the weekend. American football is starting back up this week, so I am looking forward to watching that again. I still think it is so strange watching sports games without fans there..

Because of the terrible fires going on in Californina, I have been reminiscing a lot recently about my trip to San Francisco with my parents. It was my first time going out to the west coast, and it sure did not disappoint! We spent a week exploring beautiful Northern California. San Francisco is a special city, and I plan on writing more about it in the future. However, today I wanted to focus on the famous Golden Gate Bridge. :)

I didn’t know a whole lot about the city before we went, besides seeing so many pictures over the years of the iconic bridge. We were all so excited to see the bridge, so of course it was where we headed first. It was a chilly and foggy night, so it was a little difficult for us to see it, but I was in amazement of how big and amazing it looked. I had never seen a bridge like it, and it really blew my mind! I was really hoping our days ahead would be clearer for a better view..

Over the next few days we enjoyed the beauty of city, and when we saw an opportunity to see the bridge up close, without fog, we knew we had to take it. The bridge has a wonderful walk way for people, as well as for people to bike. I think a fun thing to do (If I can get over my fear of heights over water) would be to rent a bike and ride across the bridge. Warning, it is very windy! Getting up close to the bridge, showed me how massive and unique it truly is. I gained an even greater appreciation on this walk, even though I was a little scared of how high up we were!!

Lastly, we took a drive across the bridge to get another fun memory. The bridge does have a toll to drive across, but only in the direction of coming into the city. Click here to see more information about the cost of the toll. I highly recommend taking this drive, even if it means coming right back and paying the toll fee. I loved it so much because of the lookout point just across the bridge. It is called “Vista Point” and it gives you a full view of the bridge as well as well as a look at San Francisco. We sat here for awhile taking in the views and appreciating time we had together :)

Whenever I think of San Francisco, the bridge will always be the first thing that pops into my mind. It is so amazing it was built in the 1930’s and still looks so beautiful today. If there are any places in the U.S that I would want to revisit, San Francisco and Seattle are at the top of my list. San Francisco is such a one of a kind city, and I can’t wait to go back :)

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