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The Edgewater - A Perfect Seattle Hotel

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Near downtown Seattle sits the most perfect hotel built uniquely on a pier. The views will not disappoint.

For our recent trip to Seattle, Vince and I stayed at the most amazing hotel in downtown. Vince and I (mostly Vince) spent numerous hours looking into the best hotel, with the best views, and for a reasonable price. We found a couple cool hotels which we thought were going to have a great view of the city, but upon looking at more pictures there as a chance we would have an obstructed view due to another building blocking the view. We also realized if we were going to stay downtown, it was going to be a little pricier than we were hoping for. Then we came across our perfect hotel...

The Edgewater Hotel. This hotel had a sort of cabin look to it and was not right downtown, but still within walking distance of everything. We did not have a car for part of the week, so this was essential for us. As the name describes, the hotel is right on the water, which is actually built on a pier. When we arrived, we were greeted by valet drivers that made us feel so welcome. I walked into the hotel taking in the cuteness of the cabin feel and noticed a floor to ceiling window that shows it is truly in the water.

An important bit of information is we made sure to get a hotel room that was on the water side. The view on the non-water side wouldn't have been the best, so I am happy we got a view of the water. The room was so unique and had a fancy bathtub and nice walk in shower. But most importantly the view was so spectacular. We had a whole view of the skyline, the ferris wheel, and the ferries going in and out all day. There was one night when the sky was absolutely clear, which I am sure is not normal in Seattle, and we got the most perfect sunset. It was something I will never forget.

Another fun (probably nerdy) thing we enjoyed at the Edgewater was the cute little bear that accompanied our room. We were SO creative and named him "Bear". This is embarrassing but we put a hat on him or asked him how his day was when we got back. We also said goodbye to him before we left. To this day we still talk about Bear. Vince actually asked about if they are available for sale and they said that people love them so much that they are for sale. I guess we weren't the only ones that liked Bear so much!! Maybe someday we will buy Bear :)

Lastly, we had a lot of fun feeding the seagulls that hung out outside our window. People have probably been feeding these birds for years, so they know to just wait until they get more. We had some leftover bagel pieces, so we decided to join in on feeding these birds. The video below shows how fun we had throwing the bread to the birds and watching them fly past our window!

I highly, highly recommend staying at the Edgewater during a stay in Seattle. It is the best of all worlds being close to downtown and the most amazing view of the city. I wouldn't stay anywhere else if I were to go back.

Have you stayed at The Edgewater Hotel? And met bear? :) I would love to hear about your experience!

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