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The Best Winery in Northern California

Out of the several wineries we tried during our week in northern Callifornia, Ledson Winery was my favorite. Find out more about this amazing place below. :)

A few weeks ago we spent a week out in San Francisco and in Northern California for Vince's mom's birthday. We were able to get to a lot of fun wineries within a few short days. They are each so unique in their own way and all of their vineyards looked so different from one another. It was so fun to experience this culture and gain a little more appreciation for wine. My favorite winery of the trip was Ledson Winery. It was truly an incredible place and the wine tasted amazing too! Read on to hear more about our experience! :)

Our Experience

It was our first stop in Northern California and I was so excited to see what the hype of "wine country" was all about. We had reservations for a certain time for our wine tasting, but there was traffic jam. We called and they were so accommodating of this and gave us a 30 minute grace period. We were so thankful to not have to stress about missing our tasting time.

When we arrived, we pulled up to a beautiful castle that was so stunning! It seemed like we were in some other country, it was nothing I had ever seen before! They had a beautiful fountain out front and when you walk in you feel like you are with royalty. It really was something out of a movie.

From start to finish, the wine tasting was AMAZING! Our wine guide was so friendly and knowledgeable. We had a tasting of 5 wines, and I think he gave us at least 11. He had such a passion and appreciation for wine, that he wanted to share it all with us, and I loved that so much! We were never rushed to the next one and it was just a really fun and peaceful experience. And not to mention, each of the wines tasted so good.. And that means a lot coming from someone who isn't a huge wine fan, especially red wine.

Wine Tasting Information

In order to do a wine tasting, you need to book ahead of time on their website. We did the classic wine tasting, and this costed $35/person. For the amount of wine we got during our tasting, it was well worth it! I am not sure if every wine guide gives as much as ours did, but the wine is really incredible that I still think it is worth it.

There tasting options are the following:

Classic Tasting: $35/person - Include five wines. Visitors to Ledson Winery are invited to taste handcrafted varietal wines in one of our meticulously designed tasting bars.

Winemakers Flight: $45/person - Visitors to Ledson Winery are invited to taste five handcrafted varietal wines in one of our meticulously designed tasting bars.

Private Tasting: $95/person - Include seven of our top scoring wines.

There are so many great places to try in the Northern California and I really recommend Ledson as one of your stops. The landscape is beautiful, the staff was very friendly, and the wine tastes amazing. Enjoy your trip to Northern California and cheers to an incredible trip :)

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