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Seven Gifts For Travelers (Under $50)

Finding the perfect gifts can be hard, hopefully I can be of some help with this list of gifts for travel lovers! :)

Jumping for joy that December is here and Christmas is on its way :P

Happy December everyone!! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone for everything that has happened in 2020. Christmas is such a special time to me, and I feel everyone around this time is so happy being in the Christmas spirit! It’s just three weeks from today until Christmas Eve, and if you still are struggling to find gifts for the traveler in your life, hopefully this post can help in some way! I kept my gifts list to under $50, so hopefully something may fit into your budget! :)

USA 50 States Photo Map: $48.99

Find them on Etsy here!

This map is special to me, and I think it would be the perfect gift for a lot of people. I bought this map almost a year ago now and it is something so fun for my boyfriend and I to do together. We have officially filled 10 states, so we are a fifth of the way there, ha! For me, it is so fun to just sit and look at and think of all the great memories we had in those places together! One thing that I really like about this map compared to its competitors is it has a website to help you make the pictures. All you do is upload your picture and arrange it into the state how you like, and done! You print from wherever is convenient for you and stick it right in :) Super easy for something super cute!

Etched Skyline Wine Glass: $24.00

Find them on Uncommon Goods here!

Funny story, I found these just looking through a catalog I received in the mail from Uncommon Goods. I was looking through it and saw these, and was like I want one, ha! I asked Vince if he could get me one for Christmas, so we will see if I get one :P What is really great is that there are 29 different city skylines you can choose from (Yes, I did go through and count..). A perfect gift for someone who loves a certain city! I used Uncommon Goods for the first time a month or so back to order something for my dad for Christmas, and I now really love this website! If the wine glasses aren’t for you, check out their website, they have such cute things!

Personalized Luggage Tag: $35.00

Find them on their website here!

I came across these only a few days ago, but I think they are so creative and look beautiful! For some reason I think luggage tags are so fun, and this adds a whole extra level of fun for me :P I love tracking where I have been, and these help do that! I also really love the colors they offer, as well as the option to add initials at the bottom of the tag. They are the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves travel. I am going to order my own soon, and I look forward to seeing the quality of it as well :)

Shacke Pak Packing Cubes: $13.99

Find them on Amazon here!

Vince and I have had our eyes on Packing Cubes for awhile, so we decided to ask for these for Christmas. In a previous blog, I wrote about how packing cubes can help save room in luggage, as well as helping with organization. I think being able to just take these out of a luggage and then putting them in a drawer is so convenient too! After doing some research, I found these on Amazon and they have amazing reviews! There are over 11,000 reviews for them on Amazon and 5 stars! I also think that the price is such a steal. You get 5 packing cubes, for $13.99! It will be great for Vince and me to share them on future trips!

Travel Gift Cards: $1-$50

Find various ones on Amazon here!

Another awesome stocking stuffer idea!! When you don't know what to get for someone, a gift card is always a safe option. It allows travels to be cheaper for a traveler! Plus, there are so many different options to get for someone who loves to travel! Here is a short list of some businesses that are great options:

- Their Favorite Airline: So many airlines offer gift cards, and this is a gift that could never go wrong for a traveler! However, be careful if you are buying from a smaller airline during this time. Airlines are having financial difficulties and you don't want to risk one shutting down. Stick to the major airlines and you will be fine :)

- Amazon: This one can really be for anyone, but can be really beneficial to a traveler! So many items are bought on Amazon for travelers (like the packing cubes above!).

- Uber: This is another awesome idea, because it can be used for both Uber rides, as well as Uber Eats. Transportation can get expensive and this helps a bit. Also, sometimes when travelers are in a bind they may need to get food quickly, Uber Eats is a great way to do that!

- Airbnb: I have never personally stayed in an Airbnb (Hopefully soon!), but Airbnb has grown so popular over the past few years, and this gift card could be really beneficial for a traveler!

North Drinkware - Mountain Pint Glass - $48

Find them on their website here!

So I totally came up with this idea on my own.. Okay no, I can't take the credit for this one :D So my awesome friend @lifeofsus9 (go check her out on Instagram!) shared these awesome glasses on her last blog post (find it here!) as well as on her page. These glasses are the perfect gift for a traveler who loves the mountains! They don't even have to be used for beer, you can just used it as a normal glass too! :D So a little more about the company, they are a small business out of Oregon who is doing their best to help the planet along the way! They donate 1% of their profits to help nonprofits and being an Earth Day baby, this is something close to my heart! I always love to support companies that are doing good for our Earth, and this is one of them! Thanks, Susannah for this awesome idea!!

TABI Jet Set: $46

Find them on their website here!

I found out about these travel sets about six months. It was a really weird coincidence because that morning I was like, a company travel kits for people.. And then I saw this company followed me on Instagram! It was exactly what the travel world needed!! This jet set pictured is the “Girls Trip Set”. This is the only kit that is under $50, but they offer some other really great ones (Eco Traveler, Beach Please, etc.). This is a really amazing product to fit any travelers needs, and I am looking forward to trying one out soon! Maybe once I can get to a Beach again, because that box looks amazing :D

And that’s a wrap on my list (pun intended? Maybe.)! I hope my list of items can help in some way. There are various items on my list that are small businesses and they could use support during this time! I am even looking forward to trying out a few of these items on this list. (*cough* - hint to Vinny! :D). Have the most wonderful Christmas everyone!!

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