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Seattle's Spectacular Views

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

A city park, a ferry boat, or a helicopter ride - Any of these places will offer you a spectacular view of Seattle.

So I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan.. Like massive. And so is my boyfriend Vince. So where do we take our first trip together? Seattle of course! We had high expectations due to all the scenes we saw during episodes of the show.. The ferry, the needle, the Ferris wheel, it all seemed so amazing.

The moment we landed, we knew we were off for the adventure of a lifetime. Throughout the week we explored the city, took in the views, and ate lots of good food at Pike's Place. My favorite view of the city? Take a look above at the amazing I took from Kerry Park. It is a bit outside of the city, however, close to the space needle. Oh, and for the Grey's lovers, it is the park Christina and Meredith would hang out at during many episodes.

“My favorite view of the city? Take a look above at the amazing photo I took from Kerry Park."

Of course, one of the best views is from the top of the Space Needle. I loved how the bottom floor revolves and has a glass bottom. You can stand in one spot and see the entire city over the course of forty-five minutes. It is a little pricey ($35 a person), but it is so worth it to go up to the top because you can spend as much time as you want taking in the views. Next time I go back, I want to go up during sunset and stay until it gets dark. I think seeing the city at night from there would be absolutely amazing too.

I also recommend taking a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. Each ticket only cost us $8.65 round trip. And again, for the Grey's lovers, we were able to act like Derek Shepherd for a little while. On the ferry we were able to take in the whole skyline from further away and it was breathtaking. I just sat there and took it in for as long as I could. Side note: Bainbridge Island is a little small, so we didn't spend too much time there, but we found a cute little crepe shop and it was fun to explore for a little bit!

We ended the week seeing the city from above in a helicopter and wow was it amazing! The video below shows us flying over Snoqualmie Falls outside of Seattle. It was a perfect end to our perfect week out in Seattle. The views lived up to everything we saw in the show and more.

If you have any other favorite views of Seattle please reach out, I would love to hear about your experiences in Seattle! Also I would love to hear from all the Grey's lovers who have been to Seattle what you did while you were there? :)

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