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Quarantine Cookie Dough Rankings

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

This cookie dough test was an awesome activity to do during quarantine, and I was able to find out who truly makes the best cookie dough :)

Well, as a travel blog that started right before the Coronavirus began, it is hard to write about adventures ahead or exciting trips that I am looking forward to. Instead, flights that I had planned are getting cancelled and I have been keeping myself socially distant from the world for the past couple of months now. So, this blog is structured a little differently around a fun thing I have done during quarantine. :)

I love cookie dough. And that probably is an understatement! It is one of my favorite things to make, just because it is so simple and tastes so great. I noticed at a trip to Costco they had a tub of vegan cookie dough, so I was like sure let‘s try it! And then it got me thinking, where can I get the best cookie dough? And the search began. 

I have tried four different types now during quarantine and have rated them below with additional information about each dough:

4. Doughp

Pack Ordered: “Self Control” Sampler Box (Cookies & Cream, S’mores, Chocolate Chip, and Confetti)

Price: $34.95 with free shipping

Store Location: Las Vegas Strip

I found Doughp because I love the show Shark Tank and wanted to support a brand that was featured on there. However, their cookie dough fell short. It was a rough texture and did not offer dairy free options. Also, each type of cookie dough tasted the exact same and I didn’t find myself wanting more. Lastly, the shipping experience wasn’t all that great. I was told I would get a notification once the dough was shipped/delivered but neither of these happened. It took the cookie dough about two weeks to get here, so I reached out for the status of my order, and never heard back. Overall, it wasn’t a great experience.

3. Edoughble

Pack Ordered: Build a Box (Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip and Non-Dairy Birthday Bash)

Price: $49.00 with $13 dollar shipping (That is a steep price!)

Store Location: Located all over the United States!

I loved the boxing from Edoughble, it came with a cute little wooden spoon and looked very professional! I was given this one on my birthday from my boyfriend, so I was really excited to have it as a special treat. However, the cookie dough I received had the texture of Playdough, and was really not enjoyable to eat. He was reached out by Edoughble over text to ask how the product was. He gave an honest opinion and the lady said the batch must have not been the best and offered to send a new batch over. She sent out another box right away, and this is why this product isn’t in last place.. The customer service was wonderful! The new box came and the cookie dough had a much more normal texture. However, something is still missing from this dough and I really didn’t enjoy this cookie dough all too much.

2. Costco - Eat Pastry Vegan Dough

Pack Ordered: The only size is a 3 pound tub (That is a lot of cookie dough!)

Price: $7.39

Store Location: This product is probably not available in every Costco, but I found it close to where the cold room is for the eggs and milk

The Costco cookie dough is really great, and for being vegan I am very impressed! It tastes so delicious and for the price, it is well worth it! Another thing I really enjoyed doing with this dough is baking it into cookies. The cookies come out so soft and taste so good! I didn’t think anything could top this dough until I got my last product in the mail…

1. No Baked 

Pack Ordered: Everything 6oz Jar Eight Pack (Because I wanted to try all their flavors of course - I mean come on... how can you not get all after seeing this picture above?)

Price: $50 with $9.50 shipping 

Store Location: Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, and Kentucky (Come to Minnesota, please!)

I was a little worried about ordering from No Baked because it is so expensive… And after having not much luck with the last two orders, I was hoping this wasn’t going to be a waste. However, reading through the comments on Facebook, people seemed to rave about this dough. So, I decided to give it a shot. It came by mail and I saw the texture of it and it looked so soft and I had to try it right away. OH MY GOSH. This dough is the best cookie dough I have ever had in my whole life! 4/8 were dairy free, which is awesome. I definitely could not set this cookie dough down it was so good :)

In the end, the best bang for your buck is the Costco vegan dough, because you get so much of it for a low price, and it tastes great! However, if you are looking for the best dough on the market you need to get No Baked. You will be amazed, and all other dough won’t taste the same after. So, I guess that might be something you need to be careful of, haha!

Is there any other cookie dough you have tried that you think tastes great? If you have tried or end up trying No Baked, I would love to know what you think about it :)

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