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Pink Jeep Tours Review

An honest review of the company, the tours offered, and the overall experience!

Hey hey! Does anyone else struggle to go back to work the week after vacation? Monday was definitely rough getting up and being motivated, but it does feel good to get back into a routine again. I also think we brought some of the warm weather back with us, the temps are in the 40's for at least the next week :) While on our trip in Arizona, we took two Pink Jeep Tours, one at the Grand Canyon and the other in Sedona. I really enjoyed both, and here is a full honest review about it all!

About the Company

Since 1960, Pink Jeep Tours have been giving people a unique experience they may not be able to get on their own. They are easily spotted and recognized for their bright pink color. They have tours in Sedona, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and the Smoky Mountains. Their most popular being in Sedona, and their newest being the Smoky Mountains. I was super impressed with the company through out our experience. From the beginning, every single person we interacted with was so friendly and helpful. On our first tour, the guide mentioned, "The company has a zero tolerance policy for poor customer service". I could definitely see this through out the whole experience. They also are very well trained to do what they do, so you don't need to be nervous to go off-roading in Sedona. Here is "The Pink Way" from their website (Feel free to read more here!)

About the Tours Offered

There are so many choices of tours that the Pink Jeep Tours offers. As I mentioned above, they have four different locations, but then they have SO MANY tour options at each place as well! It is awesome they offer all these different opportunities to meet anyone's wants! Along with their local Jeep Tours, they offer bus tours. You could join a bus tour in Sedona and head to the Grand Canyon for a whole day of fun :) I love that even if one tour type may be booked for the day, they have so many other options to chose from that are still so great. From kid-friendly tours, to winery tours, they offer so many things great for any situation!

Review of Our Experience

As I mentioned earlier, we took two tours while we were in Arizona. They were two very different experiences, so I wanted to write about both separately.

First Tour: Grand Entrance (Grand Canyon)

The first tour we took was at the Grand Canyon. I had only been there when I was little and I am a little afraid of heights, so I thought having a guided tour guide would help my fears a bit and be able to provide us with the safest experience. We were on our way to the tour when we got a call that the line to get into the national park was pretty long since it was a weekend, so they asked if we could come in 30 minutes early so that we didn't lose any of our tour time. It was SO nice the guide was willing to basically give us a 2.5 hour tour to make sure we saw everything we could. The tour guide we had was great, and really had some fun information to share with us. I really also enjoyed basically having a photographer there with us. Lastly, we were the only ones on this tour so it was really private and didn't have any fears with COVID. However, I didn't realize how non-scary the drive was, and we could have seen everything that we saw with Pink Jeeps on our own. Another thing I didn't totally like about the tour being alone with the tour guide was that the full attention was on us. The guide talked to us the whole time and there were some points I just wanted to enjoy the views without someone trying to teach me things. Lastly, also with a guide you are limited on your time you can spend in one place. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of the Pink Jeeps, but would recommend doing it in Sedona well over doing it at the Grand Canyon.

*You do not have to pay to get into the national park if you do any of the tours at the Grand Canyon! :)

Second Tour: Scenic Route 2.0 (Sedona)

Our second tour was in Sedona! Our experience with our Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona was a totally different experience than the one at the Grand Canyon. Unlike our first one, this one took us off road, to areas that people are not able to see on their own. It also was a fun bumpy ride along the way :) Another thing that was different was that we had another couple and their young child on the Jeep. This allowed us to have more time for ourselves to enjoy the ride and take in the views. Its odd, but I definitely would recommend riding with another group. The views on the tour in Sedona were absolutely incredible and we weren't even on the most popular tour. Our guide was also so friendly here. Lastly, I may be a little biased of how great the tour was, because it ended in me being engaged :) If you haven't read the story yet, check it out here! I recommend any of the tours they have to offer in Sedona. We are not big hikers, so this gave us an opportunity to see views we couldn't see without a vehicle :)

*If you do more than one tour within the same week you get 15% off any tour after the first!

COVID Precautions

As I mentioned above, we had the first tour to ourselves, but had another family on the second tour. We were really nervous at first for this, but they did a great job of following company policies, and the barrier between us and the other family was really nice too. Here is a list of protocols they have implemented. We did have our temperatures taken at each tour to be able to ride. Also, we had to keep masks on in the Jeep at all times. We saw them taking strict action on these other items as well.

Masks Required - Temperature Checks - Hand Sanitizing Stations - See-Through Barriers - Social Distancing - Repeated Vehicle Sanitizing

I highly recommend Pink Jeep Tours to anyone if they are visiting one of these places. I do not know what the Vegas or Smoky Mountain tours are like, but knowing the company, I am sure they are great too! We were able to get such a unique experience in Sedona that we would not have been able to experience otherwise. It will be something we will consider doing in the future! :)

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