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Paddle Boarding In Colorado

I absolutely loved paddle boarding in Colorado, here is a blog about my experience! I also provide the top 10 places to paddle board in the United States!

Hey everyone!! This past week we took a long weekend vacation to Denver. Vince started a new job this week and had a few days off last week in between jobs, so it was the perfect time to take a short trip :) We had so much fun exploring Denver and the beautiful Rocky Mountains! There will be more blogs to come on the trip, but for this one I wanted to focus on my experience paddle boarding in the heart of Rocky Mountains!

About My Paddle Board

First off, I have to say a huge thank you to FB Sport for gifting me my beautiful paddle board. I have been wanting a paddle board for so long, and I am really grateful to them for giving me such an amazing one! It is a paddle board that you pump up with air, so it is perfect to bring along with when traveling. It is also really nice that Vince's credit card through Delta allows him to check two bags for free, so it gives me even more of a reason to bring it with me on trips!! So how it works is the paddle board folds up and fits in a bag that you can carry like a backpack. All of the additional pieces like the paddle, the pump to blow it up, and the bottom fin all fit into the bag easily as well. The pump is fairly easy to use, but does take some strength to get it up to the right PSMI needed to take it out on the water! It took us about 10 minutes to get it blown up, it takes less than a few minutes to get the air out afterwards!

About the Experience

Paddle boarding in Colorado was really such an amazing experience. I found a lake called Standley Lake and it was the perfect place. Motor boats were not allowed, they had a guard watching at all times, and really took our safety seriously. Not to mention the views of the Rocky Mountains were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I just sat on my paddle board for a while and took in the views. I will never forget this memory. I have been paddle boarding twice before (one in Madison, WI and the other in Grand Teton National Park - which was honestly SO beautiful too!!). However, this was the first time that the water was really calm for me to paddle board. So, it gave me the confidence to finally be able to stand. I was actually pretty impressed with myself that I was able to stand up and didn't fall off once! :D I think paddle boards are the perfect watercraft because you can sit like a kayak or canoe, but also stand if you want to as well!

I also had a lot of fun bringing my new dry bag from my future mother-in-law. I was able to bring out a speaker, a water bottle, and my cell phone and it kept all of it dry in the bag for me! It was really nice not having to worry about it getting wet at all in this bag! And being able to listen to music out on the water, made the experience even better! I really had the best time out on the water! :)

Best Places to Paddle Board in the United States

When looking up the top places to paddleboard in the United States, I found a really fun list of places! I now feel like I have a mission to paddle board at each of the places, haha!! 1 down, 9 to go! :D Here is that list:

1. Lake Tahoe, California

2. Hood River, Oregon

3. Padre Island, Texas

4. Anchorage, Alaska

5. Florida Keys

6. Black Canyon, Nevada

7. Colorado

8. Lake Powell, Arizona

9. Manhattan, New York

10. Oahu, Hawaii

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