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Our Digital Nomad Experience

13 states, 11 hotels, 1 Airbnb, and hundreds of memories later we have completed are fall part of our year long digital nomad experience. Here are some of my favorite memories.

Hi everyone! We are back in Montana for the next few months with the holidays quickly approaching! We thought it would be smart to save money these next two months and with the holidays we want to be around family :) We will be heading to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving for a week and I am beyond excited to see my family again, I miss them so much! Over the past few months we have been traveling all over and seeing so many incredible things. We have made so many incredible memories together and I am so blessed to being do this opportunity with my best friend and love of my life. :) Here are some of my favorite memories from our fall chapter of travels.

Watching The Sunset From The Top Of The Rock

This was honestly one of my favorite memories of all time. It was truly incredible seeing NYC turn from day to night right in front of our eyes. We both were emotional at the beauty it offered as well as being able to share such a special moment together. These were are favorite views during our trip to New York and we will never forget them. We now want to find our "Top of the Rock" in every city, a place we love so much and gives us a similar feeling to the one we had here.

Seeing Amy Schumer's Surprise Guest Comedy Show

We went to the Comedy Cellar on a Friday night not knowing what to expect. Vince had told me that sometime famous comedians would come to this place to preform, but we didn't expect to have that happen for us. As we walked up to get in line, Vince said I think I just saw Amy Schumer walk by.. I didn't believe him lol. We chased after her but were too slow as she went down into the Comedy Cellar. We looked at each other and were like if she is performing for us, we will go CRAZY. They started to announce her at our show and it was such a surreal feeling. She was so funny and it was just so cool to see her in person.

Choosing If We Wanted To Walk Through Central Park Or Time Square On Lunch Breaks

Each day on our lunch breaks we wanted to do some exploring in NYC. We had a tough decision each day: Central Park or Time Square? Having this decision is so cool to think about now because we were so centrally located to both we had the option. Which meant we were in the midst of it all. Seeing these two iconic places each day really was so amazing and something I will want to tell my kids someday.

Watching The Sunrise In Maine

We went back and forth on if we should wake up for the sunrise, because it meant waking up at 4am and having a busy day ahead after that. However, Vince told me that we should do it for the memory we can share together, and I am so happy we did it. We had gone to the Portland Headlight the day before and it was packed with people. When we arrived that morning, we were the only car there! We were able to pick our spot to watch the sunrise, and the views were unbelievable. Hearing the oceans, no people chatting, and seeing the sunrise was another on of those "Top of the Rock" experiences that we will always remember.

Seeing A Winter Movie Being Filmed In Boston (In 70 Degree Weather!!)

We were walking downtown Boston, very hot and sweaty let me tell you, ha! When we came across a bunch of noise and a street blocked off. We saw a couple security guards standing by the street, so of course we had to see what was going on. We walked up and saw the street full of fake snow! They were taping a NYC Christmas movie.. In Boston... In 70 degree weather! We ended up looking it up and saw it is a Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds Christmas movie coming out on Apple TV. It was so funny to see NYC signs on the light posts and taxis from NYC to make it look like it was being taped there. We were so happy we stumbled across this set!

Seeing The Blue Angels Live in San Francisco

When we heard that the Blue Angels were going to be in SF, we had no idea who they were or what they did. After several people telling us how lucky we were to be there, we were very excited to see the show. There were several planes flying over on that Sunday, but nothing compared to the Blue Angels. We had a Alcatraz tour at 3 that we were going on, and this was the time that the Blue Angels were going. We truly had one of the best views seeing them fly as they were going right over our heads, and being out on the water we could see them so much further than if we were on land. We were in the perfect place at the perfect time, and for that we both shared some tears at how beautiful life is and how lucky we are to share memories like this one together.

Sipping On Amazing Wine In Northern California

Going to vineyards in Northern California was SO relaxing and a great time to just relax. When we drove into town, we were in awe of how far the vineyards spread for and how much land the grape vines really take up. The hills are rolling there and you can really see that with the vines expanding over them. Going to the vineyards was also such a fun experience to try out different wines and see how different they really are from one another. They all taste so different based on how the grape was used. It really gained me a greater appreciation for wine and how it is made.

Seeing Mount Rainier From Our Hotel Room

We had a bad experience with our first hotel in Seattle, so we decided to switch hotels. We woke up the first morning in our new hotel to incredible views. We thought that it was perfect after the night we had and it just released any frustration we had. When we walked up to the window, when we looked straight out our window, we could see Elliott bay and to the left we looked and were able to see Mount Rainier and all its glory! The sun was rising and we were able to catch a sky of beautiful colors by the volcano. It was one of those moments where your problems seem so small and you just want to be present in the moment. We really loved this moment together.

We have had so many great memories in our travels over the past few months (I could go on and on but I am sure you would get bored :P). We have gotten even closer to each other during this time as well and I am so thankful for my amazing travel buddy. We have beautiful memories we have together forever.

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