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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Updated: Jan 13, 2021


This post is a little different for a travel blogger. But something really great happened for me this past week, and I want to share my story. I have posted my story on my LinkedIn and on my personal Facebook, but also wanted my travel blogger world to know about it too. I found myself so embarrassed along the way because of the failures I faced, but I can’t let these feelings stop me from sharing my story and maybe having a chance of helping others.

As a junior in high school, at just 16 years old, I decided I wanted to be an Accountant and made a goal to get my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license. April 29, 2018 was the first time I signed up to take the CPA exams. I was eager to meet my goal, but what I didn’t know was how hard the road would be to get there. Almost two and half years later, one of my biggest dreams came true.

I failed 6 exams before getting a passing grade on one exam. I passed three in a row and started to gain more confidence. But then I failed the last exam 3 more times. 9 times I failed.  I doubted myself. A LOT. I started to believe the college professor who pulled me into her office after a tough Accounting exam I didn’t do so well on. She told me I should switch majors because Accounting wasn’t for me. As angry as I was at her, I thank her now, because she is one of the reasons I kept going.

I could not and would not give up on myself. I set this goal for myself so early on, and I had to finish what I started. After failing a couple exams, I made the sign in the picture at the top of the page. And this kept me going. I knew I could never give up on myself and my goal. I let myself cry after each failure, but the next day I was right back studying and working towards my goal. I found myself crying happy tears after finding out my last passing score yesterday. All those nights of heartbreak, all the things I sacrificed over the past few years, and all the hours of studying finally paid off.

I want to share my story, not for the recognition, but to help others. I had people doubt me, I failed over and over before succeeding, and I wanted to quit. But I didn’t and you shouldn’t either. Find the reasons to keep you going. And please, don’t ever give up on your dreams.

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