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Madison Means Home To Me

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

If you have just passed through, or were lucky like me and called Madison home, you know how special of a place it truly is.

Home. Hearing the word brings me joy and takes me back to my childhood and all the memories that were created. Madison, Wisconsin was home for me for 22 years, and honestly, it will always be home to me. Madison is a unique city snuggled between two lakes. There are so many stunning views and fun things to do. From bike rides around the lake, to ice cream at the terrace, this city is special to me.

Bike Trails

There are a lot of great bike trails around Madison. One of my favorite things to do with my dad every summer is biking around Lake Monona. It is a popular thing to do, and if you are visiting Madison in the summer, I recommend renting a bike and making the trek around the lake. It is about 17 miles long and the path is mostly labeled to help guide you. The path takes you through neighborhoods and by the capitol, while giving you amazing views of the lake along the way.

The State Capitol

The Wisconsin State Capitol is in Madison and it is a really beautiful place. I may be biased, but I have been to 10 or so capitol buildings around the US, and the Madison capitol is my favorite. Built in the early 1900’s, it is a replica of the capitol in Washington DC. My favorite part of the capitol is the observation deck they added. You are able to go up to the top and look over the city!

Farmer’s Market

From mid-April to mid-November, there is a farmer’s market around the state capitol. “The square” is the sidewalk path all the way around the capital and every Saturday, the entire thing is filled with different shops. From bread, to vegetables, to flowers, there are so many great things to choose from. My favorite is the cheese curds (I am forever a Cheesehead!). It is a great way to see local bits of Madison and if you are around on a Saturday, you have to go!

Bucky Statues

The summer before I left to live in Minnesota, Madison did an event where local artists were able to create a Bucky Statue and at the end of the summer they were auctioned off for charity. 85 of the statues were created and spread out across the city. I had an idea to see all of them to gain a better understanding of the city before I left. I gained so much appreciation for the city. Keep an eye out while you are in Madison because you might see one of these cute Bucky statues :)

Union Terrace

Another thing you cannot pass up during the summer in Madison is nights at the terrace. As I mentioned earlier, Madison is a peninsula between two lakes, the first is Monona (where we would bike), and the other is Mendota. The Union Terrace sits on Lake Mendota and offers the best ice cream in Madison. Further, they have the famous chairs which are iconic in the area. I recommend going on a Friday because they offer live music and you can get a pitcher of beer and enjoy the music. My absolute favorite thing about the terrace is the sunsets it offers. The terrace is a must see during the summer!

There are so many great things about Madison and my favorite memories were made during the warm summer days. I am thankful to have grown up here and I will always love coming back to visit. It truly is a special city.

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