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Are Hyatt Hotels Taking The Right Precautions During COVID?

We recently stayed in a few different Hyatt hotels on our trip to Arizona. Are they taking the right precautions? Find out below!

Welcome back! It has been a hectic couple of weeks, but I am going home for the weekend to spend some much needed time with my parents. I am really looking forward to seeing them! We recently took a trip to Arizona, which started as a road trip, turned into a flight. Which is a whole other story.. lol. But due to the last minute planning, we had to find last minute hotels. I had to chose a Hyatt because it never disappoints. However, due to not staying in hotels much this past year, we hoped the they took the right precautions to keep us safe. I was really impressed by what they were doing, and here are a few of the things that stood out to me.

Online Check In

Having online check-in was a really great thing that Hyatt has implemented during this time. I as able to check in through the app, they let us know when are room was available through a text, and we were given a room number right from there. When we got to the hotel, we just had to get our keys from the front desk. This really limited our exposure time around another person who frequently deals with people. One thing I hope they eventually implement is when you check-in through the app, you just get your key on there. This would completely eliminate the need for interaction with another person!

Limiting Elevator Capacity

This was also really important to us in order to keep our distance from people. They limited their capacity to four people. And what was really great was people actually followed this rule. If someone saw four people on the elevator, they just waited for the next one. As you can see in the picture, they really enforced masks at their hotels. I never saw one person without a mask during our stays at the hotels. And this is saying something because there is always someone that isn't wearing one.. Hyatt wants to make sure all their guests feel safe, and I really appreciated that.

Prepackaged Breakfast Items

I was SO impressed by the breakfast service that Hyatt was offering. I was really curious to what a hotel was doing for their free breakfast service in the morning. The other hotels we have stayed at this past year, just decided to stop their free breakfast completely, but Hyatt must have still wanted to do something for their guests. Everything they offered was pre-packaged so you could take items with you on the go or back to your room. And it wasn’t just cheap prepackaged items either, they had warm breakfast sandwiches, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. The seating areas were also blocked off so that people weren't lingering around eating with their masks off. They also had a lady who was sanitizing, so I am sure she does that multiple times during breakfast. One thing that made me a little nervous was the juices and I ended up not getting any. It was a self pour, and I wish they maybe just had individual ones (but I know that can get expensive). Overall, it was a really great experience!

Paper Cups and Remote In Bag

This was one thing we noticed across the various hotel chains we stayed at on our trip. They all had replaced their reusable glasses in the rooms for paper cups that were wrapped in plastic. I know this is worse for the environment, but I think it is the right choice to be doing right now to keep people safe. I have always been skeptical about the cleanliness of the glass cups, and this ensured us the glass was clean. I also thought it was really interesting to see the different ways hotels were ensuring the remote was clean (The dirtiest thing in a hotel room!). They put the remote in a bag to let you know that it has been cleaned. We don’t watch a whole lot of TV while on trips, but instead of taking it out of the bag, I think we would have just pushed the buttons with this bag still on!

Hand Sanitizer On Every Floor

I thought this was a really great addition Hyatt added to their hotels. When getting off an elevator after pressing a button, it was nice to be able to use hand sanitizer when we got off. We stayed at a couple other hotel chains during our stay and they didn't seem to be doing this. It isn't a big thing for a hotel to do, but it really made an impact on me that they had it.

No Maid Service

The last thing that stood out to me that Hyatt was doing to ensure safety for their guests (and maids) was they didn't have maid service during your stay. This may be inconvenient to some people if they like their bed made everyday and new towels, but honestly it isn't that bad. It is more environmentally friendly this way due to limiting towel use and new sheets all the time. Limiting this contact of another person in your room is so important too. If you ran out of towels, or need some sort of service, the front desk was more than happy to help us!

Only Negative

The only thing that I wish Hyatt would have done better was to emphasize the steps they were taking to ensure the room was clean and sanitized before our stay. I have seen some hotels that have stickers on the door to let you know this room was cleaned properly or a note in the room informing you of the checklist they followed to cleaning. I didn't see anything like this at the Hyatt hotels, and I think this one extra step would make guests feel even a little bit better.

Overall, I was so impressed by the steps Hyatt have taken to keep both their employees and their guests safe. We stayed at three different Hyatt hotels during our trip (In two different states), so I am able to see that they are following the same exact precautions across their entire company not just for one location or one state. I highly recommend a Hyatt for your next stay if you are worried about safety.

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