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GyPSy Guide App Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

GyPSy Guide is one of those apps that every traveler should know about. It is informational and fun to follow along with at some of the most spectacular places in the world :)

Happy Thursday everyone! It is almost the long weekend for me here in the US. We have Monday off for Labor Day. It will be a relaxing weekend and I am looking forward to it! Travel seems to be picking up a bit for people and I am super excited to see so many people’s pictures in fun places on my social media! Today I decided to write about an app that I have really enjoyed using for a couple recent trips that could help a lot of people who are getting back out there and traveling. I have mentioned GyPSy Guide in another post, but I wanted to give it a full review! :)

GyPSy Guide is an app that provides you with valuable information as you travel through a certain place. Each app has a guy speak to you about the place where you are and tells you fun facts along the way. The app knows exactly where you are to give you information about that exact point. I also really liked that it would tell you the places to slow down at because that spot is a little more dangerous. It really calmed my nerves being so high up at some points knowing that the app could help us a bit.

GyPSy guide keeps adding locations to their list and they have an app for places like Arches National Park, Yellowstone, Banff, Glacier, etc. If you are going to a place like one of these, you should check the full list to see if they have the app for where you are going! GyPSy Guide has a separate app for each location, so you have to pay for them each time. They range in price from $4-$10, but it is totally worth it. 

I was looking at some of the reviews for their apps and people seem to really love it just like I do! It was funny reading a comment saying they named the guy Jim, we found ourselves coming up with a name for him too. I called the guy on the videos “Roger”, haha! I also think that even if you have been to a place before you should try out the app. There may be so many things that Roger talks about that you may have never heard of before! 

Another thing that I think is really valuable about the app is that it points out the areas that are must see stops. It helps if you don’t have a lot of time to stop at every little place and just want to see the most important things. We used the app for our trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons a few months back, and were in a bit of a time crunch so this was perfect for us. It made a bell sound to get your attention that a must see stop is coming up. I thought all the places it had us stop were worth it and we were able to see it all due to not stopping at random spots hoping we would see something good.

Overall, there is nothing bad I have to say about the app. It is so fun to have the app along with you on your trip through such amazing places. It has taught me so many things that I would have never known without it, and I am so looking forward to using it in the future on other trips I go on.  Thank you Roger for your awesome facts and tips! ;)

Places I have used GyPSy Guide:

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