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Five Reasons Why Airport Lounges Are Worth It

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I didn’t know about airport lounges until a few years ago. What are the benefits? Are they worth the price admission? Here are five reasons why they are totally worth it :)

I cannot believe it is the last day of 2020.. I just can’t wrap my head around it! This year has flown by, but also gone by slowly it is the weirdest thing! I am excited to see what 2021 holds and I hope to get to travel more! I also hope to explore some more airport lounges at airports! Lounges are places in airports where you can pay a fee to enter (Fees range from $25 to $50 for a visit). I hope in the near future to write more about the best lounges and pricing! Lounges have many perks about them, but are they worth it for the price of entry? I give you five reasons why I think they are worth it :)

1. They are SO Quiet!

This is honestly the number one reason why I love lounges so much. Airports are so hectic and having to find a seat to wait for my plane has always been stressful for me. Should I awkwardly sit between those people? Should I stand for the next hour and a half? In lounges, there is so much seating (and less people) and it is just really so much more peaceful. The picture on the left if from the Escape Lounge in Minneapolis. It isn’t as high end as some other types, but even it looks so amazing in this picture. And you can see, there was hardly anyone there! Another thing is business people tend to like lounges for the quietness factor so they can work. I also think if you you have a small child the quietness could be really beneficial too (Most lounges allow you to bring in a child under 2 for free).I really think lounges are so worth it for this reason alone!

2. Unlimited Food And Drinks

This is probably a lot of people‘s number one reason for thinking lounges are worth it, and it definitely is an amazing perk of paying to go in a lounge. We got to the airport way too early for our flight to Hawaii last year, and it was morning time and we were hungry. We though 1) We could find a restaurant in the airport and pay airport food prices or 2) pay $40 for all we want to eat, drink, and comfy seating for an hour and a half. You can see we took advantage of the food in the picture and we were able to keep going back for more! Also, when we went to the Delta Skylounge in Seattle, we took advantage of the free drinks. I think I had a glass of wine and a mimosa and Vince had a couple beers. It really is such a unique experience and for all the food and drinks you can definitely get your money’s worth!

3. The Bathrooms Are Usually Amazing

We are pretty lucky at the Minneapolis airport that we have some of the best bathrooms out of any airport I have ever seen, but most airports aren’t like that. So this is something I was in awe of when we went to the Delta Skylounge in Seattle. This is truly a picture from a bathroom stall in Seattle with a full shower for its guest. Imagine if you fly through the night or have to get to a business meeting, you can get ready in style in here! The main bathrooms that you use just for the bathroom also is really amazing. The stalls are large plus theyhave quality soaps and towels. I was super impressed by the bathrooms at this Delta Skylounge, and is a large reason why the cost of admission is worth it for lounges.

4. Amazing Customer Service

One thing I have noticed with the lounges we have been to is each have amazing customer service. From the moment you walk in you feel welcome and appreciated. I also think all the workers through out the whole time in a lounge are so helpful. From the bartender to the person that is busing food, everyone normally has a smile on their face! One thing I was really impressed with at the Delta Skylounge in Seattle was multiple waiters would walk around to ask if you needed anything, took drink orders, and brought appetizers around. It truly was an amazing experience! The customer service cannot be beat!

5. Make A Long Layover Go Faster

Wrapping up the other four items, they all make a long layover go a lot faster. Layovers can be long and dreadful if you have to be there for 2+ hours. Sometimes people even have layovers to the next day and could use somewhere to go to make the time go faster. If this is the case for you, a lounge might be a good option! Vince and I made a rule that if we ever have a layover that is over 2 hours that we will go to a lounge. As I mentioned earlier, I hate sitting between people and a nap in a lounge is a lot more comfy and quiet than if I were out in the public part of an airport! For me, when I am in a lounge, I kind of forget I am at an airport. With the endless food and drinks, the customer service, and the nice amenities really make the time fly by (pun intended :P). Here is a video of us enjoying our first lounge, the views in Seattle from the Delta Skylounge are absolutely stunning.

In my opinion, if you have more than a couple of hours at the airport, lounges are a no brainer. The food is always amazing, and who can complain about unlimited drinks, piece and quiet, and state of the art bathrooms? After you experience the wonderful customer service and the cleanliness of a lounge, it is really hard to go back to not going to lounges (Don’t say I didn’t warn you, ha!). Some people even get to the airport extra early just to go in lounges!!

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