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Find Yourself An Adventure Buddy

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The perfect adventure buddy makes any trips a lot less stressful and a lot more fun :)

For me, growing up I was able to travel with my parents a lot and gained so many great memories with them that I will never forget. Now that I am older and moved away, I am fortunate enough to have met the best adventure buddy I could ask for. I think it is so awesome to have someone who shares the same willingness to travel as I do, and that I have so much fun with.

From the moment we met, my boyfriend Vince and I have connected on a personal level and have understood each other so well. So, when we booked our first trip, I had no fears about it going bad and I knew it would be nothing but fun. Sometimes traveling can be stressful with people because you want to do different things or don't agree what to spend money on. I also realized is can be a little scary traveling with a significant other for the first time, because of all the time that is spent together and you gain a lot more perspective about the person. Even with all these factors, having the perfect adventure buddy can limit your fears.

Vince and I have now been on four trips together with hopes of many more in the near future. Our first trip was to Seattle in October and we were so excited to explore a new city together. We worked together to figure out what we wanted to do by taking into consideration both of our opinions. A fun thing we did was starting a shared Google Spreadsheet and while we were apart, started typing in all the things we wanted to do, the price, if we needed a car, etc. This was such a fun and unique way of doing things that we continued it for all our other trips. Below is a screenshot of the spreadsheet from our first trip to Seattle. I highly recommend trying this out!

We also connected on the fact that we were more into paying for experiences on trips instead of going to fancy restaurants. For us, these are the memories we are going to remember over a meal we had while we were there. It is a lot easier to travel with someone that shares the same beliefs on what they think is fun to do on a trip. I think it wouldn't be half as fun if we continually disagreed on what we wanted to do on trips.

I think finding the perfect person to travel with makes and will make traveling so much fun because it is so stress free and I know it will always be a good time. I am so thankful to get my adventure buddy for the rest of my life! :)

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