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Everything You Need To Know About Hyatt Hotels

With so many hotel options out there, my goal is to tell you everything you need to know about Hyatt Hotels and why I like them so much.

Picture from the Hyatt Place I stayed at on a recent trip to Salt Lake City :)

Growing up my parents enjoyed getting Hyatt hotels, and now that I am older, I have grown an even greater appreciation for these hotels. I have found myself staying in Hyatt Hotels on vacations because of the service, reasonable prices, and rewards program. I know there are so many hotels to choose from, but I want to tell you everything you need to know about Hyatt Hotels! :)

When I was younger, I was confused about why certain Hyatt hotels looked alike while others looked completely different. Hyatt strives to give their customers a variety of options when it comes to hotels. Here is a little breakdown of the most common hotel types they offer:

1.Hyatt Place - The most common type of Hyatt hotel. This hotel type is what you would imagine when you think of a normal hotel room. The room is large and each one I have been to has felt so clean. The breakfast is always something I am in awe of. There are so many options and the cookware and dishes seem high end.

2. Hyatt House - Extended stay type hotel, offering a suite type setting. There is a full kitchen in every room (including a large fridge). The bedroom is separated from the living room area, so this makes the hotel room more spacious. Also, I have noticed when I stay at Hyatt Houses, people are always taking advantage of the on-site laundry. Lastly, the breakfast offered is similar to the Hyatt place, but includes a chef who cooks made to order omelets! This is the type of Hyatt option I have been most drawn to. As mentioned in my prior blog about grocery shopping on trips, So I like this type of hotel because I am able to store all my groceries in the bigger fridge and can cook in the oven/stove.

3. Hyatt Regency - Business and upscale hotel offering with most locations within the United States. They tend to build their locations in large cities with many food and activity options nearby. I have never stayed at a Hyatt Regency, but when I looked at pictures of this type of hotel, I was impressed. The rooms are simple, but elegant and high class. Lastly, I noticed a lot of the locations have a FedEx Office located right in the hotel. I am sure this comes in handy for a lot of business people!

Each hotel option has such different unique characteristics, but they are are wonderful. Each large city seems to offer all of these options, so you need to find the type of hotel that best fits your needs for the travel you are planning!

An additional reason why I think Hyatt is the best is because of their Eco-friendliness. For example, on a recent trip to Salt Lake City, I stayed in a Hyatt Hotel and noticed a sign in the elevator informing guests for everyday they skip room service, they will get points added to their account. They emphasized the environment and how they are trying to give back. I thought this was a really cool thing they were offering, and the guests leave happy too.

I joined Hyatt's rewards program this last year due to my travel for work. I found out that in order to get the breakfast for free, you must be part of their free rewards program. If you don’t become a member, breakfast would charge to your room. I thought this was an interesting way of doing it, but I get it. They are trying to gain loyalty. If you are a member, I recommend downloading the app because it is user friendly and shows your rewards clearly. As you stay in their hotel more, you unlock more benefits. The benefits I have unlocked are in blue below and the grayed out for the ones I still need to unlock. Hyatt has released a new reward program in 2020 where during peak seasons in a certain area you might have to use more points than you would in a non-peak season (See hyperlink for an article explaining all the changes occurring in 2020). If you are planning a trip somewhere and want to use points, I would try to take this into consideration to get the most benefit out of your points.

In my opinion, Hyatt Hotels are the perfect place to stay on any trip. There are so many options for the type of Hyatt, that it can fit any person’s needs. They are also family friendly and having such a large breakfast variety, can save money on a meal during vacation. Also, if you stay at the Hyatt House with your family, it is nice to have the bedroom separated from the pull out bed, to give everyone some space and privacy. I highly recommend choosing Hyatt for your next vacation! :)

I am going to create a blog soon comparing hotel reward programs. If you have any questions on any of them, I would love to hear from you. Also, what is your favorite type of Hyatt to stay at? Reach out and let me know! :)

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