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Destination Wedding Updates

An update into my life regarding our wedding location and an official date picked out!

This week has been SO fun! Wedding planning I have learned can be so challenging and stressful, not to mention in a post-pandemic time. Everyone from the past year are moving their weddings out to next year and things booked up FAST. I feel so much better and more excited after this week. Keep reading to find out where it will be and the official date! :D


Hyatt Ziva - Cancun, Mexico

If you have followed along with some other blog posts or my Instagram, you will know how much I love Hyatt hotels. They are my jam.. :P Anyways, when we were going through the process of looking at resorts, we had SO much to take into consideration. (What country? What part of that country? How far are the flights? What are the prices of the weddings? What are the prices for guests? Family friendly? All inclusive? Enough activities? The list went on and on!). We luckily hired a destination wedding planner who helped us narrow our search based on some requirements we gave her.

When I first saw Hyatt Ziva, I fell in love! Vince was a little skeptical when I told him how much I loved it, because he knows my bias for Hyatt hotels, haha. But when he saw it too, he loved it just as much as I did. It is right on the end of a peninsula and really is the perfect spot for our wedding. We were told they have an amazing wedding staff on site who will make sure our day was perfect. They fit all the check marks that we were hoping for. I am so beyond excited to be at such a beautiful place for our wedding.


It has been a long time coming to pick a date, but I am really happy with how it turned out and I am excited to get married next May. We originally were hoping for a February wedding, but we were a little late to the party, and like I mentioned, things have been crazy with rescheduled weddings. May will be perfect and gives a full year of planning. It will be nice to get away in the spring when there aren't many holidays too :)

More Fun News

We are sending out our fun, travel related save the dates early next week to our guests. They are shaped like a luggage tag and I love them way too much, haha! We also have our engagement photos next week, and I am so excited for this too. I think we found a really great photographer and I think it will be a lot of fun for Vince and me :) Lastly, I get to go dress shopping in a few weeks with my mom! I can't wait for our girls day and to find the perfect dress! That is it for now, but I am sure I will have a lot more updates soon!

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