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Citymapper: A Must Have App In Big Cities

We stumbled across and app that helped us in New York City. It is perfect for anyone's first time to a big city and need help getting around.

Happy October! I still can't believe how fast September went by.. and now it is already the middle of October!! I am currently sitting on a balcony in San Francisco taking in the Bay views and am so grateful these experiences that Vince and I are able to share together! We still miss New York sometimes, and it got me thinking about the really great app we found before we went there. I HIGHLY recommend downloading if heading to NYC or really any major city in the United States!

What is Citymapper?

Citymapper is an app that helps you find your way to wherever you need to go. You enter in your current location and where you want to go. The app will show you all the different ways you can get to your destination (train, bus, walking, driving, etc.). The reason why this app is so great for NYC, is it shows you the train you should take and will give you full directions on how to get there.

We never once got lost in NYC thanks to the app and really is so easy to use. I would have not figured out how to use the train system if it wasn't for this app.. And we would have been late to things a lot more as well!

What is the cost and how can I get it?

The app is FREE! They don't have any underlying costs either, so it is really so perfect. It is available for both Apple and Android in their applicable store!

Here are the links to download for each:



A Full Trip Walked Through

Here is an example of a use case for the app:

1) You enter in your Start and End locations and it will show you modes of transportation

2) Select how you would like to go - I selected the "1 train" - You will see the route it is going to take you.

3) You will then follow the app like a GPS to the subway station. The app will follow you along in case you miss your turn.

4) Once you are on the train, the GPS will continue to guide you with what exit you need to take. It will show you how many stops before you need to get off and the dot on the track follows along with you.

5) It will send you a notification when to get off and will then give you walking directions to your final destination.

Citymapper is so easy and simple to use. It helped us from getting lost in one of the biggest cities in the world, and the great part about it is that it is completely free :D

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