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Brewing in Boston

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The Samuel Adams Brewery tour offers a look into the history of Boston while enjoying some of the best beer.

A couple years ago I was on vacation in Boston and went to the Samuel Adams Brewery. I didn't know a whole lot about Samuel Adams at the time as I am from the Midwest and I feel like this brand of beer is hidden among the Miller Lite and New Glarus Spotted Cow. Because of this, I didn't have any expectations of the tour, but I had a really great time and recommend it to anyone that is in the Boston area.

The tour was free. FREE! Free beer, who would pass that up!?

The tour was 40 minutes long and started with a brief history of the brewing company. They then took us through the entire brewery to show us how the beer is made, while the tour guide made some corny jokes along the way. The tour finished up in the tasting room where we were able to try several beers that are made by Samuel Adams. They gave us all a testing glass to keep and passed around pitchers of beers to fill up our glasses. I had been to a couple other brewery tours back home, and the way they did this was different than anything I had seen before. We were able to keep filling up our glass with as much from the pitcher we wanted, and I am sure several people took full advantage of that and left the tour buzzed. For being a free tour, this made it seem even more unique we were able to drink so much.

There was a cute area outside where you were able to drink more beer if purchased. It was such a relaxing tour and they really have it figured out for how many people come and go on the tour every day.

There are a couple last bits I want to say about the location of the brewery. It is located a bit outside of downtown and in an underdeveloped part of town, so just be aware of that. Also, there isn't a whole lot of parking around the brewery, so we had to park on a side street and walked a bit to get there. Another tip would be to eat something before you come, as they don't have any food there. Lastly, come thirsty of course :)

What is your favorite brewery tour? I am always wanting to try new breweries and would love for some ideas!

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