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Best Views in Red Lodge, Montana

There is so much beauty to offer around Red Lodge, Montana. Here are a few of my favorite spots.

Our two weeks working from Red Lodge, Montana are just about up! We fly home tomorrow, and I am excited to be home in Minneapolis! We have enjoyed every minute of it here and it just has overall been so relaxing. It is nice to get a way from the city life and be disconnected for a bit. Red Lodge has so much beauty to see, and here is a list of some of the places with best views.

Scenic Turnout On Hwy 308

This is an awesome place to stop when you are coming into town. There is really only this one way into to Red Lodge, so everyone can have this opportunity to stop and see it! It is a couple miles before you get into town, so keep any eye out for this outlook. It is a small turn off that you can see for miles. It is really truly incredible how far you can see. So for reference, the Big Horns are bout 75 miles away from here and on a clear day, you can see them from this point. Pretty cool!

Just Over The Hill After The Scenic Turnout

As you keep going into to town, you will see Red Lodge for the first time. It is such a cute little town, and this is a great spot to see the whole town and the mountains as well. There are a couple turn out spots here that you can stop. These are pretty popular places to stop because it really is so beautiful.

Red Lodge Airport

There is a large hill that takes you up to the Red Lodge Airport (Also a great workout if you want to walk up it! :D). It is just a small strip for small plains, but is really beautiful up here! You get a great 360 range of mountains and views and it is a spot we have sat many times to just relax. There is also a path you can goin walking on here!

Red Lodge Mountain Ski Resort

Yesterday, we took a drive out to the ski resort on Red Lodge Mountain. This was a place Vince went a lot growing up and is a really popular mountain for people to go to in Montana. Obviously, we didn't go own the slopes, but the view on the way to the mountain and at the parking lot were really incredible.

Wild Bill Lake

This is about a 3 mile drive further than Red Lodge Mountain, but it is worth the drive. The views of the mountains are still really incredible here. The lake isn't very big either, so it is a short walk around to it and around it. It was so peaceful out here and was SO quiet. A bird flew by and we could hear its wings flapping it was so quiet! We also saw someone fishing here, and Vince said it is a really popular place to do that! This was one of my favorite spots from the whole visit.


If you are ever in the area, I really recommend visiting Red Lodge, Montana. There are so many beautiful views and so many great restaurants too! Another blog coming soon on that :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

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