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A Trip To Fenway Park

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Fenway Park is full of traditions and has a culture all its own. It is an awesome experience to sing “Sweet Caroline” with 38,000 other people.

Hey hey!! Things have really been slowing down here. I was able to go see my parents this past weekend and had so much fun seeing them. I always have a great time with them! :) My dad actually texted me this morning saying two years ago today, we were at a Boston Red Sox game. So I thought, what a perfect day to talk about the historic Fenway Park!

My family are big sports fans, so one of the important things for us to see when we went out to Boston, was Fenway Park. If you aren’t a baseball fan, this post probably won’t be as interesting, but I still recommend going and checking the stadium out. The experience can be great for non-sports fans too. Right, mom? :) There were only a few things I knew about the stadium before I went: 1) The “Green Monster” (the giant wall that the stadium is famous for) and 2) It was one of the oldest stadiums in baseball. In fact, it is the oldest stadium, built in 1912. How cool right?

The first day we arrived in Boston, we decided to find lunch near the stadium. We ate at a cute little place called the Bleacher Bar. It is a restaurant/bar built right into the stadium and you can see the field from inside! It was a really cool atmosphere, and I highly recommend eating here if you are in the area! Forewarning, it gets very busy for games so you may not be able to get in if it is a game day.

A couple days later, we had tickets for a game at Fenway. My dad was the most excited, but I was really excited to see what the inside of the stadium was like after getting a little taste of it from the Bleacher Bar. We went down early and found a good parking spot on the street a few blocks away. If you are going to a game, I recommend going early like we did because it was very limited parking and watching people try to find spots looked really stressful!

We ate at the Wahlburgers right by the stadium. If you haven’t heard of this restaurant, it is owned by the Wahlberg family, and they have really awesome food (especially the burgers!!). This was one of my favorite memories of our trip to Boston. We were able to sit outside, enjoy the warm weather, and take in the fun atmosphere of the baseball crowd. 

Once we got in the stadium, I was so shocked at how beautiful it was after over 100 years of playing there. The famous Green Monster lived up to its name, and the old school scoreboard was really awesome to see too. However, the best part of the game was hearing the tradition of “Sweet Caroline” being played. If you want to know a little more about the history of this song being played at Fenway Park, click here. It is a great story, and I loved being a part of the tradition! Here’s a little video of my experience :) .. yes, it makes me smile every time I watch it!

Fenway Park is truly a special place. It is historic, has its traditions, and the fans really get into it. Even if you can’t go to a game, they offer tours, and this would be a really special way to see the stadium too (As well as learn more about the history!). The time I spent around Fenway are some of the most relaxing memories I have of this trip, and I think anyone, sports fans or not, would think the same. 

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