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A Sedona Proposal

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Here is our proposal story. It started off as a hot air balloon ride in Dallas and turned into a Pink Jeep tour in Sedona.

So if you have seen my Instagram, you know what happed this week!! But for those who haven’t, Vince and I got engaged! I am still in shock of it all because it was a complete surprise to me! I really had no idea it was coming, he definitely kept a good secret! Here is a little bit of the proposal story :)

You make also know, our original plan was to go to Dallas for the week and we started to take a road trip there. However, they are getting one of the worst snow storms in the history of time so we switched our plans and headed to Phoenix instead. I found out the original plan for Vince was to propose in a hot air balloon ride over the city of Dallas and then he changed it to a helicopter ride since the weather was going to be so cold. After our whole plans for Dallas went down the drain, he had to quick think of something for Arizona..

I couldn’t even imagine the stress he was going through to get this all figured out! He talked to someone in Phoenix about a potential plan there, but as soon as we planned on going to Sedona, he knew that was the place. We drove into Sedona, and he knew that he didn’t regret his decision. The one thing I told Vince that I always wanted in a proposal was that someone got it on video or took pictures, because I wanted to look back on it forever!!

Vince booked us a Pink Jeep tour in Sedona to get a better look at the views and of course, to propose! The tour guide was fully in on it and I was just enjoying the rocky, bumpy tour to the top of a beautiful canyon. I could tell Vince was a little off, but just thought his stomach hurt or something from the crazy ride we were on, ha! We got to the top of the canyon, and the tour guide mentioned there are weddings up there and proposals, but the thought for me never crossed my mind..

We climbed up to the top and got to look down into a beautiful valley, it was the best views I have ever experienced.. The tour guide took Vince’s phone and started recording us, I was like well that’s a little odd.. and then he started talking, I legit thought he was joking!! But then he got down on one knee and I knew it was real. It was the best moment of my life!! And I saw the ring, oh my it is gorgeous!

Vince did an amazing job with last minute planning and making it all so incredible for me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.. He planned for 5 months, and it was so beautiful and I am so thankful for my guy!

I lastly wanted to thank Pink Jeep Tours for all they did to make this so special! And to Ada Diamonds, thank you so much for working with Vince over these past months to customize the most stunning ring I could have pictured! Your customer service sounds remarkable and we appreciate that so much!

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