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4 Lighthouses You Must See in Portland, Maine

Maine is known for their beautiful lighthouses. Here is a list of my must see lighthouses in Portland, Maine.

Hey hey! I can't believe that September is almost over.. This last month has flown by! It is has been a busy one. We traveled from New York, to Maine, to Boston, and now I am visiting my parents in Wisconsin to end the month. With traveling being such a big passion of mine, I am loving every minute of it!! On our stop in Maine, we visited some incredible lighthouses. Here is my list of must see lighthouses on your visit to Maine. :)

1. Portland Head Light

This is my number one, and probably a lot of people's number one lighthouse in Portland, Maine.. and maybe even anywhere! This lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in the ENTIRE United States, and for good reason! If you are only able to visit one lighthouse during your visit, this is the one you need to go to.

The Portland Head Light sits in Fort Williams Park. This park is worth a visit in itself. It is a vast landscape that over looks the ocean and gives you great views of other islands and various other lighthouses as well. There is also a fantastic food truck, Bite into Maine, that sits in the park and if you love a good lobster roll, it is a must stop.

We visited the park both days we were in Portland and we could have spent the entire two days there it was so beautiful!! On the second day, we went and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic and the colors and views sure didn't disappoint. We were one of the first people to see the sunrise in the United States, we got a kick out of saying "GOOOOOD MORNING USA!!".

2. Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

We almost didn't go out to see this lighthouse due to the fogginess, but we decided to do it and we were happy we did! The light house sits at the end of a long breakwater and takes some walking to get to. I want to warn, that the rocks can be a little difficult to walk across, so it may not be a good idea for certain people. Also, if it is a windy or icy day, I would say to avoid it as well.

Walking out to the lighthouse on the day we did was sort of fun and mysterious. We could see so far in front of us, so when we could finally see the lighthouse it was a special moment! The fog had my glasses completely misted up and by the time we were back off the rocks, my hair was soaked! It was a really crazy experience and the views were totally worth it. I really recommend visiting this lighthouse.

3. Cape Elizabeth Light (Two Lights State Park)

This lighthouse is worth the visit for the state park more than the lighthouse itself. I thought that we were able to get up close with this lighthouse, however, it is around a residential neighborhood and there are not many up close places to see the lighthouse. Also, the state park warns that there are no lighthouse views from the park, which is a little disappointing as well.

However, I really enjoyed seeing the lighthouse and taking a walk through the park. The park is high above the water and gives you incredible views of the coastline and the Atlantic. It was really calming sitting here and listening to the waves crash into the rocks. If you have time I really recommend visiting the park and taking a quick drive by the lighthouse on your way in or out.

4. Portland Breakwater Lighthouse (Bug Light)

I wanted to visit this lighthouse because I saw a picture of it and it is so cute and small! The light house sits in another park that is really wide open, and would be a great spot for a picnic. The park also gives you great views of downtown Portland. The walk to the lighthouse is really easy and worth the visit if you have time. However, I would visit the other lighthouses before this one if you had to choose.

Portland, Maine is truly an incredible place and worth visiting. They are known for their beautiful lighthouses that live up to the hype. Chalk a day out in your itinerary to visit them, it will be worth every minute!

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